What is Arborvitae?

Arborvitae is an easy to take daily supplement that has been designed to quickly and efficiently re-set the immune system and bring down inflammation in the body. Many chronic conditions are caused by an overstressed immune system and inflammation, resulting from either hereditary factors, exposure to chemicals or lifestyle...
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Benefits of Collagen

There’s been a bit of buzz around lately about Collagen.  It’s popping up everywhere – in your skin creams, in snack bars, and added to smoothies.  But what is the benefit? Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body.  It’s in your muscles, skin, blood, bones, cartilage and...
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Gut Health: Why It Matters

gut image 4
Your body is full of bacteria, fungi and viruses, numbering into the trillions.  Collectively know as the gut microbiome, it’s this balance of “flora” in the gut that is responsible for things such as heart health, digestive health, mental health and your immune system. Heart Health A recent study...
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Blue Zones Part 5: Loma Linda

In our final installment on Blue Zones, we’re headed off to the community of Loma Linda in the state of California, USA. So far, there’s been some pretty common links between the other Blue Zones, most notably they’ve been located by the sea.  Loma Linda is somewhat different in...
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Blue Zones Part 4: Okinawa

okinawa 920
Once called the land of immortals, the islands at the southern end of Japan have historically been known for longevity – especially among women.  Okinawans have less incidence of cancer, heart disease and dementia than western nations, and women living in Okinawa live longer than any other women on...
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