Needing an Immune Boost? Naturopath Lydia Can Help!

Have you and your family spent the last couple of months feeling under the weather? Snotty noses, sneezes, coughs, sore throats, ear infections, tonsillitis? Do you have illness after illness go through your family and household?

This cold and flu season has been one of the worst on record and it’s not over yet. Keeping yourself and your family well particularly over winter can become quite a challenge. Thankfully help is at hand with Naturopathic Health Care.

There are many herbal and nutritional products which have been shown to help improve immune health and decrease the severity of cold and flu symptoms. A healthy balanced diet is also important to ensure our immune system is working at its best. When our bodies are fighting a cold or flu all of our energy is directed towards helping our immune system fight off and recover from the illness. This is why it is so important to eat nourishing, easy to digest food when unwell.

Wholesome chicken soup from scratch is always a good choice. (It’s a good idea to have a stockpile in the freezer that is ready to go for when you are unwell.) Imagine this….. Your immune health balance can be like walking along a narrow beam. There are factors that will unbalance you (too many late nights, extra work or school stress, poor food choices etc) all of which would contribute to you falling off the beam (becoming unwell). The slightest little nudge with any of these factors in play would send you tumbling from the beam and coming down with a cold or flu. However, given a bit of stability and work on your immune system rather than a nudge causing a tumble you would stay on the beam.

Individualised health management and treatment is important because we may all be hit with the same cold/flu/illness, yet your body may present with different symptoms and duration of symptoms to someone else. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired this winter book an appointment with our in-store Naturopath Lydia today to unpack your health concerns and start rebuilding your immune stability today!